SGS2015 Organized by IUTAM Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics Sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS) Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow
IUTAM Symposium on Growing solids
June 23-27, 2015, Moscow, Russia

Symposium Schedule

Dates Events Sightseeing Tours
Arrival Day  
18:00–20:00Welcome Party
09:00–10:00Registration 17:00–18:30Thematic Tour to the Izmailovsky Kremlin
and Russian Cookies Baking Masterclass
(details and price)
10:00–13:00Opening ceremony. Keynote Session 1
14:00–16:30Oral Session 1
10:00–12:40Keynote Session 2 
14:00–16:45Oral Session 2
19:00–22:30Banquet (details and price)
10:00–11:30Poster Session 12:00–19:30Tour to the Museum-Estate "Arkhangelskoye" with Lunch
(details and price)
11:30–11:45Coffee Break
14:00–19:30Free Time
10:00–11:30Oral Session 3  
11:30–12:00Coffee Break
12:00–13:00Closing Ceremony

24 June 2015 (Wednesday) 10:00–13:00
Keynote Session 1
Chairs: N. Gupta and G. Maugin

10:00–10:15Opening Ceremony
10:15–10:50A. Manzhirov and N. Gupta, Fundamentals of Continuous Growth Processes in Technology and Nature (pdf)
10:50–11:25A. Freidin, N. Morozov, L. Sharipova, and E. Vilchevskaya, Kinetics of Phase Boundaries and Chemical Reaction Fronts in Deformable Solids (pdf)
11:25–11:50Coffee Break
11:50–12:25S. Lychev and H. Altenbach, Growing Shells. Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Identification (pdf)
12:25–13:00M. Epstein, Between Remodeling, Aging and Growth

24 June 2015 (Wednesday) 14:00–16:30
Oral Session 1
Chairs: Q.-P. Sun and A. Freidin

14:00–14:15H. Altenbach and V. Eremeyev, On Mechanics of Growing Shells and Plates (pdf)
14:15–14:30G. Balaganesan, R. Velmurugan, and N. Gupta, Impact Loading of Laminated Nanocomposites in Thermal Environment (pdf)
14:30–14:45M. Wolff and M. Böhm, Some Aspects About Moving Sharp Interfaces (pdf)
14:45–15:00M. Starostenkov, P. Chaplygin, A. Chaplygina, and A. Potekaev, Investigation of Growth Ordered Phases in the Alloy Nial Equiatomic Composition During Stepwise Cooling (pdf)
15:00–15:15Coffee Break
15:15–15:30K. Kukudzhanov and A. Levitin, Phase Transformations in Metals Stimulated by a Pulsed High-Energy Electromagnetic Field (pdf)
15:30–15:45I. Sapchenko, O. Komarov, S. Zhilin, and D. Potianikhin, The Influence of Alkali Metal Chlorides on the Manufacturing Process and Steel Properties in Aluminothermic Reduction of Iron (pdf)
15:45–16:00M. Shatalov, J. Bidie, and G. Lekalakala, Quasi-Resonance Behavior of Viscoelastic Growing Rods Subjected to Free and Forced Longitudinal Vibrations (pdf)
16:00–16:15G. Lekalakala, M. Shatalov, and I. Fedotov, The Behavioural Pattern of the Longitudinally Vibrating Rod that is Accreting in Cross-Sectional Area (pdf)
16:15–16:30R. Faiez, Numerical Simulation of Axisymetric Oscillatory Flow in a Semi-Transparent Czochralski Oxide Melt (pdf)

25 June 2015 (Thursday) 10:00–12:40
Keynote Session 2
Chairs: H. Altenbach and M. Epstein

10:00–10:35N. Shakura, K. Postnov, and G. Lipunova, Accretion Disks in Astrophysics (pdf)
10:35–11:10A. Voloshin, T. Nishinaga, A. Prostomolotov, and N. Verezub, The Reconstruction of GaSb:Te Crystal Growth in Space Experiment (pdf)
11:10–11:30Coffee Break
11:30–12:05P. Ciarletta, Mathematical Approaches to Morphogenesis in Growing Living Matter
12:05–12:40Q.-P. Sun, The Impact of Material Internal Length Scales on the Growth of Phases in Solids

25 June 2015 (Thursday) 14:00–16:45
Oral Session 2
Chairs: P. Ciarletta and V. Hakobyan

14:00–14:15E. Kossovich, A. Golyadkina, N. Chelnokova, I. Kirillova, L. Kossovich, A. Polienko, and M. Shevtsova, Biomechanical Study of Atherogenesis in Thoracic Aortic Segment
14:15–14:30S. Logvenkov and A. Stein, Mathematical Modeling of Plant Root Growth (pdf)
14:30–14:45D. Parshin and V. Hakobyan, Analysis of the Stress-Strain State of an Aging Viscoelastic Arch Fabricated Additively under Gravity for Various Time Modes of Layer-by-Layer Accretion (pdf)
14:45–15:00V. Erofeev, Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Solids with Dislocations (pdf)
15:00–15:15M. Polonik and E. Murashkin, On Compatibility Condition for Moving Surfaces with Additional Constraints (pdf)
15:15–15:30Coffee Break
15:30–15:45D. Razdoburdin, A Study of Transient Dynamics of Perturbations in Keplerian Discs Using a Variational Approach (pdf)
15:45–16:00K. Malanchev, Numerical Simulation of X-Ray Nova Light Curves (pdf)
16:00–16:15O. Smetannikov and V. Matveenko, Shape Defects of Cell-Filled Photopolymer DLP-Prototypes (pdf)
16:15–16:30K. Koyfman and A. Sahakian, Growing Elastic Hemisphere on a Smooth Rigid Foundation (pdf)
16:30–16:45R. Khmyrov and A. Gusarov, Synthesis of Nanostructured WC-Co Hardmetal by Selective Laser Melting (pdf)

26 June 2015 (Friday) 10:00–11:30
Poster Session
Chair: M. Shatalov and J. Middleton

10:00–11:30 Yu. Chirkunov, Nonlinear Diffusion in the Inhomogeneous Medium Involving Absorption
E. Dats, E. Murashkin, and N. Gupta, On the Formation of Plastic Flow Areas under Thermo-mechanical Effect (pdf)
J.-F. Ganghoffer and G. Ibrahim, A Multiscale Model for Bone Remodelling Based on Eshelby Stress
Sh. Guseynov, J. Kaupuzs, and A. Medvidí, Analytical-Numerical Modeling Of Surface Nanostructure Formations After Laser Irradiation
G. Gvozdeva, T. Tarasova, and S. Nowotny, Laser Microcladding of Al-Si Alloys: Solidification Behavior and Structure Features (pdf)
J. Kaupuzs, A. Medvid', and Sh. Guseynov, Growth of Microcones on a Solid Surface after Laser Irradiation
E. Kossovich, A. Golyadkina, N. Chelnokova, I. Kirillova, and L. Kossovich, Hystomorphological and Biomechanical Study of Atherogenesis (pdf)
S. Lychev, P. Bychkov, and I. Saifutdinov, Holographic Interferometry of Thin-walled Structure Distortion During the Stereolithography Process (pdf)
S. Lychev, A. Manzhirov, M. Shatalov, and I. Fedotov, Transient Temperature Fields in Growing Bodies Subject to Discrete and Continuous Growth Regimes (pdf)
M. Mikhin and V. Klindukhov, Some Plane Problems in Mechanics of Growing Solids (pdf)
N. Stadnik, Mathematical Modeling of Surface Growth of Biological Tissues (pdf)
M. Starostenkov, P. Tabakov, V. Romanenko, and E. Chernykh, Regularities Filling Coordination Spheres in the Crystal Lattice of the Cubic Symmetry (pdf)
T.V. Tarasova and A.A. Filatova, Methods for Controlling Particle Size in Corrosion-Resistant Steel Powders (pdf)
11:30–11:45Coffee Break

27 June 2015 (Saturday) 10:00–11:30
Oral Session 3
Chair: A. Manzhirov and S. Lychev

10:00–10:15 . Kazakov, S. Kurdina, and A. Manzhirov, Multibody Contact Problems for Discretely Growing Systems (pdf)
10:15–10:30A. Okunkova, P. Peretyagin, P. Podrabinnik, I. Zhirnov, and A. Gusarov, Development of Laser Beam Modulation Assets for Process Productivity Improvement of Selective Laser Melting (pdf)
10:30–10:45C. Protasov and A. Gusarov, Modeling the Effect of Beam Shaping at Selective Laser Melting (pdf)
10:45–11:00D. Kotoban, A. Nazarov, and I. Shishkovsky, Comparative Study of Selective Laser Melting and Direct Laser Metal Deposition of Ni3Al Intermetallic Alloy (pdf)
11:00–11:15R. Khmyrov, I. Shishkovsky, V. Safronov, and A. Nazarov, Fabrication of Gradient Structures in the Ni-Al System via SLM Process (pdf)
11:15–11:30P. Podrabinnik and I. Shishkovsky, Laser Post Annealing of Cold-Sprayed AlĖNi Composite Coatings for Green Energy Tasks (pdf)
11:30–12:00Coffee Break
12:00–13:00Closing Ceremony

IUTAM Symposium on Growing solids Prosp. Vernadskogo 101 Bldg 1, Moscow, 119526, Russia